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1-3/16" x 150' High visibility flagging, Surveying ribbon.

Glow Colors: Orange, Lime, Pink, Blue, Red and Yellow
(12 / carton) (144 / case)

        Flagging Tape





Reflective Tape






D.O.T. / Vehicle

Conspicuity Tape









T12260 "Teflon
Tape" 1/2" x 260"


T12260 Pipe Thread  "Teflon Seal Tape

Teflon Tape

Product  |  Description

Specialty Tape

D.O.T. Tape
(Shown in header image above)
Flagging Tape

Premium quality, Commercial grade reflective tape.

      1" x 30' 1" x 150' 2" x 30' 2" x 150'
      (3" and 4" wide available by Special Order)
      Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue

Premium quality, Commercial grade reflective tape.

Highly durable tape that improves road safety through                                 accident avoidance and reduction.

      2" X 150' Roll   (6" Red / 6" White reflective).

      Exceeds NHTSA 49CFR 571.

      Displays the 'DOT-C2' certification for compliance.

      Available in a 3 year or 7 year durability grade.


Product Applications

      Designed specifically for thread sealing iron, staionless steel, copper,  
      brass, glass or rubber peipes to ensure leak proof connections.

      Provides chemically, inert, no hardening, non-contaminating permanent
      seal cable of withstanding temperatures from -375 F to 500 F.


      4 MIL - Meets MIL Spec T-27730A

      1/2" x 260" on plastic spool/shell

      White, virgin PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

      100 Rolls per box

      Comparable to 3M No. 547



For further questions call toll free: 800.445.4461

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