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Electrical Tape

PVC tape specially designed for flame retardance and toughness.
Made to adhere to portable cable jacket materials. Dielectric rating
- 1000 volts per mil. Meets or exceeds all U.L. requirements.
Printed tape meets M.S.H.A. acceptance # P-07-KA050001-MSHA


 #3460   3/4" x 60' Black Electrical Insulating Tape (600 Volt)
                U.L. approved PVC Tape. Highly flexible, good waterproof.
                Full 7 mil. thickness. (250 rolls per case)
  #6675  3/4" x 66' MSHA Printed (200 rolls per case)
#66112  1-1/2" x 66' MSHA Printed (100 rolls per case)
#44112  1-1/2" x 44' MSHA Printed (125 rolls per case)

    #T68  2" x 66' 7 mil General purpose (24 rolls per case)

Super Tac Products

Electrical PVC Tape

(Printed & Non-Printed)
Low  and High Voltage











NO. 527 Super-Tac

   Two Ply Mastic
Splice 1-1/2"x7'









Super-Tac #1130LR























T724 Copper

Shielding Braid

For Shielding High
 Voltage Splices and

Copper Shielding Braid
No. 527 Super Tac
Electrical PVC Tape
Super-Tac #1130LR

Self Fusing Two-Ply Mastic. Voltage rating up to 2,000 volts.

Bluefield Manufacturing NO.527 is used for cable and conduit
repair and is excellent for water proofing and insulating splices.
It is a self-fusing neoprene based compound bonded to a
moisture sealing mastic.


Product Applications

For cable and conduit repair. Excellent for
water proofing and insulating splices.

High Voltage Tape 69KV" and 1-1/2" x 30'.

Self Fusing Linerless Tape
Use Thru 69KV
Super-Tac #1130LR Electrical Rubber Splicing Tape is a specially designed
compound of ethylene propylene rubber with high conformability and high-voltage
insulating properties. Rated up to 90°C continuous operating temperature and
short term (emergency) 130°C overload service. #1130LR meets industry standard
for flame retardance physical and electrical properties. Designed for use in
splicing and terminating wires and cables. This product can be used for low and
high voltage thru 69KV applications. (50 rolls per case)

Product Applications

      Designed specifically for insulation shielding for splices
      and terminations of 
shielded cables.

      Excellent conformability and easy application by hand.



      Tinned all-copper, knitted wire mesh.

      1" x 15" Roll and 2" x 10" Roll

      Comparable to Plymouth Bishop #15 PlyBraid.

Product Applications

      Primary insulation for splicing all types solid dielectric insulated cables thru 69KV
      Moisture-sealing electrical connections
      Motor leads
      End-sealing high voltage cables


Installation Application
Super-Tac #1130LR electrical tape should be applied in successive half-lapped,
level wound layers until desired build-up is reached and over-lapped with Bluefield
Manufacturing Super-Tac P.V.C. vinyl electrical tape.


For further questions call toll free: 800.445.4461

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