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For permanent splices and jacket repairs on 600C/2KV
shielded trailing cables and repairs on cable conduit.


Meets MSHA requirement of 30 C.F.R., Part 18
(Section 75.604) for a permanent splice.




Voltage rating up to 2,000 Volts


This cable splice kit meets requirements of part 7, Subpart
K of Title 30 - Code of Federal Requirements.


Kit Components:

1. PVC Tape called Super-Tac 6675 (3/4"X66') or 44112 (1 1/2"X44').

2. Rubber insulating tape called Super-Tac 1130LR or alternate material #2065.



Kit Components: 

1. T3460 Black PVC Tape

2. Semi-Conducting Tape

3. T727X3/4 Glass Cloth tape

4. T724 Shielding Braid

5. T1130LR H.V. (69KV) Tape

6. T66112 MSHA Printed Tape

7. Solvent Wipe

8. Sandpaper strips

Cable Wrap







586 - LR Universal
Spice Kit










15 KV Kit High Voltage Splice Kit 

to 15KV

(All Tape Method)


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Splice Kits

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